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Life & Soul Community Counselling Service

Introduction to our service

We all struggle at times with issues or life events that just won't go away, and we feel we can't see the wood for the trees. These issues can affect our relationships and wellbeing as we journey through life. 

Our service exists to be a safe place where people can embark on a process of developing resilience, strength and personal growth in a non-judgemental space. 

About our service

At Life & Soul, we hope to strengthen and empower individuals and help people to become more resourceful to weather the storms of life. Our hope is that through counselling you will be helped to live a resilient life. 

We offer a holistic, integrative approach to counselling based on the Person Centered and Psychodynamic approaches. This service is open to anyone regardless of faith or background. Our Community Counselling Service is rooted in the belief that all our lives are full of potential, possibilities and hope, and that every person accessing our service is worthy of love, belonging and connection. 

The counselling process

Counselling is an opportunity to increase your self awareness and your understanding of yourself in relation to others and what has happened in your life or is currently going on.

Counselling works by offering a safe therapeutic relationship with the counsellor and within the relationship you will experience acceptance, honesty and a feeling of being valued. 


For counselling to be effective it requires you to be committed to the process and attend weekly sessions. Counselling can be hard work; it involves exploring thoughts and behaviours, and experiencing feelings that may leave you feeling psychologically and emotionally stirred. 

The usual contract offered is 8-10 weeks, after this a review appointment is made offering further sessions if required. 


Clients will not be asked to pay for their counselling but we suggest a contribution to cover some of the costs of our service. Suggested scale below. 

  • Earnings of £10-£15k: £5 to £10 per session
  • Earnings of £15-£20k: £10 to £15 per session 
  • Earnings of £20-£30k: £15 to £20 per session 
  • Earnings of £30-£40k: £30 to £40 per session
  • Those who are unemployed, students, or retired: £5 to £10 per session as you are able


We offer a safe and confidential service following the ethics and code of practice of COSCA (Counselling & Psycotherapy in Scotland). 

Counsellors within our service are trained to national standards and are given regular professional supervision. 

Contact us

If you would like to find out more or refer yourself for counselling to Life & Soul Community Counselling Service drop us an email at life& or call us on 0141 423 3962.