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Big Questions

Who is JESUS?

Jesus.  Myth?  Good teacher?  Saviour?  Son of God?  Dead or Alive?


Whatever you may think of Jesus, it is not possible to ignore him. History testifies to his reality, the Bible records his words and deeds; believers through the centuries tell how Jesus has changed their lives; and we can tell you today that He is still at work and welcomes all who come to Him.

Jesus came because God the Father loves everyone he has created. Jesus came to show us what the Father was like, and to open up the way - so that we could turn from our independence and be welcomed as children into the family of God.

Through Jesus, God has provided every good thing for men, women and children - not just for heaven in the future, but for life to the full - heaven's life, love and power here and now.

Jesus demonstrates the compassion, wisdom, majesty and love of God. Want to know more? God's invitation is simple and clear: "Come, all who are thirsty, come to the waters ... "

The Alpha Course is a great way to find out about Jesus. We run the course every six months or so and it provides a relaxed (fun) session with food, a video and free discussions among people who are seeking to find out about the reality of who Jesus is and what it means for us.

Come and talk to us - on a Sunday, at the office, on the phone, however you want to.

Read the Bible - The Gospel of Mark is a great place to start for a short and vivid account of who Jesus is - his deeds, words, life, death and resurrection.