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We run occasional “Connecting” times to inform people about our vision and values- look out for these in the Events Section of this website.

If you are interested in finding out more then please use the Contact Us form on this website.

What is a QP Partner?

We are truly grateful to God that He welcomes us into family with Him and with those who love and trust Him. We express that personally and locally by membership here at Queen’s Park. We hope that every person who comes to QP feels appreciated and valued and you may be one of the many people who attend church regularly, are involved in activities, receive support from the church and feel that you belong to the church, without being a member.

However, we would love for you to express that sense of belonging by becoming a Partner with us in our mission together. Our partners contribute directly to our decision making processes and enable your voice to be heard. Partnership is a very clear way of communicating to one another our support and encouragement by conveying that we are all “in this together,” committed to one another and to God’s purposes for us.

Becoming a Partner with us means
Partners responsibilities
What are the benefits of joining?
At QP we desire to make disciples and this is worked out in our relationship to God, the Church and others. We want to see people connecting in these three areas and hope to enable this in what we do as a church.
Connected to God
We want to see people connect with God through Christ exalting worship, relevant biblical teaching and charismatic ministry.
Connected to Church
We believe that each member should be able to identify and use their gifts to the benefit of God’s kingdom. We aim to provide opportunities to work together in God’s service. 
Connected with others
We want to see people enjoying significant relationships within the church through which they can find encouragement and support. Through Lifegroups, services, serving together and social events we hope that people will truly belong to the church family. We also believe that the body of the church is responsible for making decisions together and enable this through the church meeting.
We hope that membership will give a greater sense of belonging to God’s family and you will know the support of others. It may also give more opportunities in service and the opportunity to influence the vision of the church through the church meeting and discussion.