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HOW DO I ...... ?

There is a lot going on, and people are unique - let alone each of our faith and life journeys. This section is aimed to help you find what you are looking for at QPBC.

So, how do I ...

Find out about Jesus?

Jesus is at the heart of our faith and if you want to know more about Him or what it means to follow our amazing Saviour and King,  then read on...

Get to the Church?

Our facilities are located on Glasgow's South Side. Close to train and bus links. For a map and directions, look here.

Become a member?

What is a member? Why do we have them? What does it involve and where do I start? For these questions and more, read our membership page.

Get connected?

Following Jesus is a lot about relationships in God's family. We are not called to be Robinson Crusoe, out there on our own - rather fellowship with other believers is the key way to build up and work out our faith, it is also lots of fun! Read more here.

Get help?

As a church we extend God's love and compassion to many people in many ways. To find out how we can help, follow this link.

Get involved?

God has made each of us unique, with gifts and talents to use for his kingdom. There are lots of ways to work and serve together. A first step guide is here.

Go deeper?

Jesus calls us to greater and greater intimacy with Him and more and more radical discipleship. Looking to press in to God and be all He asks you to be? Read more here.