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God Is THE Ultimate Healer

God Is THE Ultimate Healer

Author: Kirstin/30 January 2019/Categories: News

What do you do when your 23 year old wife of two years dies of a brain tumour? How can you traverse the hollow darkness of grief that follows?

Alain Emerson knows. 10 years ago the director of 24-7 Prayer Ireland and leader of Emmanuel Church in Lurgan faced this dreadful loss.  Ultimately, he wrote to describe his journey through the valley of the shadow of death and how God met him even in the dark.

He said  ‘God didn’t cause this to happen, yet God was in control. God was suffering with me, yet God was my healer. God doesn’t heal everyone, but God is THE ultimate healer. God is light and yet he dwells in deep darkness’.

His book, “Luminous Dark”, is a frank and hopeful testimony to a God who is with us even in overwhelming suffering. It explores how he chose to lean into the pain and to face God with his disappointment - to cry out to God in suffering. It is in this place of pain where Alain meets with the God who knows our pain. Who walks beside us, suffers and weeps with us, and who ultimately restores our joy.

Alain will be speaking at Aye Write! Book Festival Glasgow on Saturday 16th March at 4.45pm - 5.45pm at the Mitchell Library, where he will openly be talking about his faith and his book Luminous Dark. He would love the support of local churches and Christians at the event, and more than that, his talk would be great encouragement to anyone facing grief.  Tickets are now on sale at

We are delighted that Alain will be joining us at our Camphill Campus on Sunday 17th March at 10.30am. I know that many of us will find his testimony to be life giving and helpful, and hope you can come along on the 16th or 17th.


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